Mirth Connect:

Mirth Connect is a cross-platform interface engine used in the healthcare industry to manage information by sending many types of messages bidirectionally. The main application area of this interface engine is healthcare.

I have been working with data from the healthcare sector for over 10 years and have successfully implemented many interfaces for a wide range of customer requirements. I am happy to implement your requirements for the retrieval, transport, transformation and processing of medical data.

Example Usecases

  • Query a REST API and create an HL7 message
  • REST POST to the API of your web application with information extracted from HL7 messages
  • Processing of jobs from a database, creation of HL7 or DICOM objects from the job data
  • Transformation of an HL7 FHIR call to an HL7 v2 message
  • Transformation of HL7 messages to other message types
  • Enrichment of HL7 messages by retrieving further data sources
  • Creation of a DICOM object with a DICOM Embedded PDF containing information from a REST API or HL7
  • Creation of a DICOM KOS object
  • Creation of an HL7 CDA document
  • Filling a CSV with data from HL7

Auszug möglicher Technologien und Protokolle (Unvollständig)

  • HL7 v2 (ADT, ORU, ORM, MDM, DFT, …)
  • HL7 v3 (CDA)
  • HL7 FHIR
  • DICOM (create, read metadata, embed PDF/report text, structured report)
  • Databases (MariaDB, ProgreSQL, ....)
  • Files (storage and reading of text files)
  • CSV, Excel
  • SMTP (über http)
  • Datei (Dateien von lokalem Dateisystem auslesen, löschen, ablegen)
  • EDI/X12
  • JMS

PACS and DICOM Services

I am happy to support you in both the conception and implementation of your interface needs. I attach great importance to comprehensive and comprehensible documentation of my work.